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November 25, 2003 Top 20 reader picks
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Top 20 reader picks

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November 25, 2003

More than 1800 different visitors stopped by to view some 7,000 pages on in November, a great start to this very new Web site. After perusing statistics about the site, such as top search terms and most-read pages, here's what I've discovered. Readers easilly fall into one of four different camps.

  • Those looking for information about staffing and employment strategies
  • Those looking for great Caribbean getaways
  • Those genuinely checking out what this professional writer has to offer
  • And those concerned about getting a great ROI from their IT dollar

Or heck, you may even by that one guy from my high school who followed my link from just to see what I've been up to these 20 years since graduation.

What interests you is no mystery, thanks to the wonders of Urchin Web analytics software. So, with no further adieu, I bring you the Top 20 Reader Picks for the month of November. Enjoy, and please let me know what's on your mind.

Top 20 Article for November 2003

  1. A best-of-breed in staff retention
  2. Two tools for finding contract work online
  3. Frostbite, Blizzards and Reckless Folks
  4. Caribbean Destination Report
  5. My Bio Page
  6. Try these tactics to combat the negative effects of overtime
  7. My Services
  8. Collaborative technology moves manufacturing from paper to Web
  9. The job forecast: partly cloudy
  10. And you can quote me on that
  11. Lessons learned from a CRM success story
  12. Feedback
  13. Boosting Morale Pays Off for Everyone
  14. Financial firm gets rapid payback with portfolio management solution
  15. MetraTech helps company streamline billing
  16. Studies on age discrimination inconclusive
  17. Layoffs slow for fourth month straight
  18. How to regain, and retain, staff trust and confidence
  19. Consulting will remain bright spot for IT employment
  20. Rafala Green: Sculptor/Public Art Creator
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