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Content Developer & Bilingual Certified Project Management Professional — Did I mention I write?

Welcome to the portfolio of David Southgate, Content Expert and Project Manager. Inside you'll find more than a decade of internationally published articles on a variety of topics including:

  • Project management articles that advance the profession
  • Career advice for technology executives, hiring companies and recruiters
  • Case studies on technology integrations
  • And travel articles, especially about South Puerto Rico and Porta Caribe

Weekly business journals and trade publications such as CIOUpdate,, Datamation and CNET have frequently commissioned me to write on a variety of topics.

But my mainstay right now is Project Management for economic development projects and Brownfields. Along with my PM, communications, and financial management skills, I have a strong track record for bridging language barriers with international teams.

My entrepreneurial background led me to manage an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Area-wide Brownfields Planning Pilot for Desarrollo Integral del Sur (DISUR), a quasi-governmental regional socio-economic development agency covering 15 municipalities along the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico. We successfully completed the planning phase for Brownfields redevelopment of a 3,500 industrial corridor in February 2013. At about the same moment, we kicked off a $1 million Coalition Assessment Grant from EPA to complete environmental evaluations on more than 1,400 acres in the same area.

Really, seeing the effects of our efforts come to life in two rural Puerto Rico towns is what makes this so interesting. I am responsible for overall project success, planning and scheduling, scope management, recruitment, supervision, community and collaborator engagement, media relations, federal compliance management enforcement, and grant writing, as well as communication between EPA, the grant recipient, C-Level Stakeholders and local and state government. But it's the knowledge that we are helping people who have received the brunt of environmental injustice for three decades - that's what gets me fired up in the morning and into the office.

Enough on all that for now.

If you're here to read an exhaustive collection of my published writings in my archive, you're at the right place. If you like what you see, I'm always for hire for special and interesting projects. Let's talk.

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